Monday, May 6, 2013

"The Right Touch"

Today's featured book is: 
Kleven, S. (1997). The right touch.  Bellevue, WA: Illumination Arts.

Randie's Review:
This is an informational book designed specifically for adults to use as a tool for discussing body safety. The purpose of discussing body safety is to help prevent the sexual abuse of children. There is a note to parents and teachers before the story that offers information, tips, and suggestions for how to use the book more effectively. The illustrations are warm, safe, and comforting. The attention to detail and warm vibe of the illustrations gives the appeal that the readers are in the book discussing with this important issue with the mother and son characters. Throughout the book, the mother defines “touching problems” and teaches actions for how a child could stop or avoid these “touching problems.” Additionally, the book highlights teaching children to understand and trust their “warning feelings.”

Personal Response:
Body safety and the prevention of sexual abuse is a concerning issue that needs to be addressed with children as a precautionary measure. Children need to know what to do if this happens, how they can stop it, that is not their fault, and that they can always tell a trusted adult about it. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I think it is vital for parents, teachers, and other adults working with children to be aware of books, such as The Right Touch, that offer quality information on prevention to children in a manner that is within their developmental understanding.

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